Today is the last day of July and these are the stories making headlines from across the globe.

Kenyan governor Kidero denies grass removed after Obama – BBC News
Ever wondered what coke does to your body?

This Is How People In China Are Riding Escalators After A Horrific Accident
Ibrahimovic admits next move after PSG will be a ‘very big surprise’

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One tree grows 40 different types of fruit – CNN Video

Supercomputers: Obama orders world’s fastest computer – BBC News
How Diego Costa’s career was saved by Watford manager Quique Flores

Why Kenyan Tech Entrepreneurs Deserve All Obama’s Praise
Angry Birds 2’s creative director defends in-app fees – BBC News

‘The Simpsons’ knew a Donald Trump presidency was a joke 15 years ago
Detroit Gang Rape Suspect Turns Himself In, After Going On Fox News And Announcing “I’m Innocent”

Who Held it Better: William Ruto or Babu Owino..? (PHOTOS)
Jada Pinkett-Smith showcases her pert derriere in Hawaii

Kenya Airways blames tourism slump for record losses – BBC News
This Energy Drink Advert Starring Kim Kardashian Is Really, Really Weird

How much has Amazon paid for former Top Gear trio?
Rare blue moon comes Friday –

Kylie Jenner throwing 18th birthday rager at notorious Canadian party spot
Usain Bolt swaps chicken nuggets for vegetables –

Tom Cleverley spends time with his wife at popular Chinese
3D-printed clothing collection took student 2,000 hours to produce

Etihad sued over ‘injuries’ from obese flier –
Zayn Malik reveals the REAL reason he left One Direction