obamaDetails of Obama’s itinerary are still sketchy, but it has at least been confirmed that he will host a public ‘rally’ at Kasarani indoor arena.

Nation newspaper yesterday ran the story of how 300,000 will turn up for the public address… in a stadium of 60,000 capacity. Well, headlines sell papers and they are learning from The Star real quick.

Speaking of The Star, they are reporting that Obama will also give a public lecture at Kenyatta University. The paper claims that AFP made the report, but we can’t seem to find it.

From what is known, he will hold bilateral talks with Uhuru on Saturday before holding a joint press conference. On Sunday he will give an address at Safaricom indoor Arena Kasarani, before departing for Ethiopia.

It is not clear when The Star thinks he will head to Kenyatta University for that public lecture, but I’d not put my money on that. They continue to report that Secret Service agents have been spotted there.

If indeed Obama gives a lecture at KU, it will be a big blow to SONU chairman Babu Owino who has threatened to drown Obama’s tree in students’ urine.