janetN-Soko Property Show host Janet Ikua Kanini has finally been discharged from hospital after weeks of battling a life-threatening heart condition.

The TV host was admitted at the High Dependency Unit on June 15th where she had been undergoing treatment for a blood clot in her heart. The clot which was initially in her leg is thought to have either travelled up to her heart or a new one had formed.

On her Facebook page, Janet revealed that she underwent a check up this week which revealed that her heart is clear of clots.

“I saw him(her cardiologist) yesterday for my check up. The Echocardiogram shows that my heart is clear of clots Praise God! I’m still on the blood thinner Warfarin, and a blood builder to get my Haemoglobin level up. Next check up in 2 weeks then a CT scan to look at my lung in 4 weeks. For now I stay home recovering slowly both physically and mentally. As a working Mum with two jobs I thought I’d be up and about this week but clearly reality has shown me that I must slow down – I think this is something many working Mums go through – we don’t know how to just chill! Yet we really must because at the end of the day, those who need you to be timaam kabisa are your family.”

On June 23, the TV host had a successful 15 minute procedure in which a sieve was inserted inside her inferior venacava blood vessel which blocks blood clots passing through from her lower limbs to the upper danger zone of the heart, lungs and brain.

She wrote: “I have a kichungi (kisungi) inside me.
No, not the colorful plastic ones that sieve tea. Mine consists of a crushed metal filter that was placed inside my inferior vena cava blood vessel last night. It blocks blood clots passing through from my lower limbs to the upper danger zone of heart, lungs and brain. Not that I ever intend to have more clots forming – no thank you! I’m done with that drama!”

Despite the life threatening condition, Janet has been keeping a positive and upbeat attitude through her Facebook posts where she has been keeping her well wishers updated.

We wish her a quick a recovery and the best of health.