kipronoThe Kenyan lawyer whose interest in Malia Obama’s hand in marriage made headlines globally has converted to Islam.

Felix Kiprono Matagei says he ditched Christianity after being introduced to Islam by a lady friend in 2012.

“I converted to Islam in 2012 at Jamia Mosque after my female friend introduced me to the religion. I have been a Muslim since then,” he told Citizen Digital.

“The lady had a good heart, and she managed to convince me that Islam completely embraces brotherhood, so I bought the idea of converting,” said the lawyer.

He however could not publicly announce the conversion until recently, 3 years after undertaking Tawhid classes.

“I have been taking Tawhid classes since 2012, and did not want to talk about my conversion before I finish the studies. Now that I have less than three months to complete the classes, I can boldly come out to reveal my true religion,” Kiprono said.

The learned friend also revealed that he has acquired an Islamic name: Adnan.

“My Islamic name is Adnan and it is included among my four names in the conversion certificate that I acquired from religious leaders,” he said.

Being the holy month of Ramadan, he added that he has been fasting and studying the Quran.

“I have been fasting all through since it is a requirement of my religion, and I have never absconded. I have also been studying the Quran for a better part of my life as a Muslim,” he said.