ku71It has been an exciting two days for Kenyatta University students following rumours and eventual confirmation that Barack Obama would be giving a lecture at their main campus.

It was seen as a major coup on University of Nairobi, whose students’ leader had even sent a letter to the US embassy. When 3 weird looking choppers escorted ‘Marine One’ to KU on Tuesday, students started making plans on how they would ensure this historic moment does not pass them.

It is however emerging that their hopes of having a ‘sit-down’ with the leader of the free world were too ambitious. There is talk that the Sunday lecture will not be a free for all affair, and KU administration just like other institutions and special interest groups, will submit a list of students to access the venue.

Chuka University Vice Chancellor Prof Erastus Njoka said the US Embassy, through Ambassador Robert Godec, had written to the institution asking for submission of the 28 names of students for preparation of their tickets.

“The university has already vetted the students, who will attend the historical occasion. The embassy required highly disciplined students to represent the institution.” Prof. Njoka said.

The venue was not communicated to him and it could either be Kenyatta University Amphitheatre or Kasarani indoor arena.

This is one of the few reported instances, but it’s assumed the US embassy has already contacted several others. Venue information blackout applies to all invited guests as you can see on this invitation card given to Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto.




In short, if you’ve not received communication by now, you may very well start renewing that GOtv license because it looks like you’ll follow proceedings from home.

KU lecture may not be exclusive for KU students, but perhaps they’ll get a fair share of seats.