mama oliechHarambee Stars striker Dennis Oliech’s mother has recounted of her unbelievable encounter with God.

According to The Nairobian, Mama Oliech had a vision while she was in the Intensive Care Unit. In the vision she allegedly saw God and her late son Steve Okumu.

Mama Mary Auma Oliech returned to Kenya in May after after two years of cancer treatment in France.

She told the local daily, “I was in heaven, and I met my late son Steve Okumu . He took me to God who asked an angel for my book. God went through my book and told me to go back to earth. He said I still hadn’t finished my work here. That’s when I was taken to the gate and told to go back. I woke up in the ICU, and the doctors decided I stood a chance. They started operating on me.”

Steve Okumu, her firstborn, was a lethal international striker who died in a road accident in Rhode Island in 2002. The former Gor Mahia striker died at the age of 26, when he had just arrived in the US on a football scholarship.

“I heard news of his death when I was in church. A neighbour pulled me aside and said she wanted to talk to me about my son. I told her that I have to finish the mass first before I could leave,” she explained.

“He had called me a week to his death to borrow some money to enable him move to a better house since he had been signed up by a club and he would be earning good money. I heard about his death on a Sunday, when I was to get a new house the next day on Monday,” she added.

Mama Oliech, a mother of nine, also recounted how painful her son’s passing was as she had just lost his husband a year earlier.

“His death was very painful, seeing that my husband had just died a year earlier. I don’t know how I managed to live through the pain,” Mama Oliech said.

“It is only Okumu who was in America on a football scholarship. He had not yet been signed by any team, but I took my children through school by selling fish,” she added.