K NelApologies in advance for those of you who cannot comprehend Kikuyu. I am however sure that you have a Kikuyu friend you can negotiate with for a translation of the first minute of the video.

US based Kenya rapper K-Nel has a skit out dubbed ‘Ninyuo Ninyuo’, a title derived from a popular Kikuyu song about drinking(alcohol). The skit is intended to send a message to Kenya youth in the midst of the government’s directive to fight illicit brews in the country.

He describes the skit: I come from Kiambu and witnessing what Illicit Alcohol is doing to young men from my area is a big shame!!I therefore decided to do this video skit to pass the message.The skit’s SOUNDTRACK features the leading hit single “vera SHINDIKA” off my upcoming Album “Naomi’s Baby”,a song that urges Black Women to embrace their natural beauty. Press play and share the message!!! #‎NinyuoNinyuo‬ *Mikono Nyeupe,magoti nyeusi utadhani in ZEBRA*

Check it out