Ephy-MurithiiKenyan actor Ephy Saint’s claims that veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie is his father have been quashed by the Nigerian star.

Pete Edochie denied fathering a child out of wedlock and said the Kenyan actor looked more ‘like a cattle rearer.’ He was speaking in an interview with The Vanguard, when he revealed that he has never been to Kenya.

“Why didn’t he come to Nigeria?” Edochie asked rhetorically.

“I have never been to Kenya before. Where did I meet his mother? I am not a wayward person. Peter has been my personal assistant for over 17 years. If I were a sexually adventurous person, he wouldn’t have stayed with me for this long. But each time somebody calls me he picks up the phone. Somebody brought the story from the internet and showed it to me,” Edochie said.

“One slim character like that. He looked like a cattle rearer. He said, ‘somehow I think Pete Edochie is my father.’ Well! Let him come to Nigeria and meet his father. But he hasn’t embarked on the journey yet. Like I said, such things don’t bother me. I got married at 22. I have never involved myself in extra-marital affairs. It’s not necessary. We are all weak as men, but you see, if you decide to pursue a torrid extra-marital relationship, what will you be proving to people? However, I don’t involve myself in situations that will make me to compromise my integrity and that of my family,’ he added.