Soila Cole vs Cabu Gah
There has been so much social evils taking place in higher learning institutions in our country. From strikes, demonstrations to riots, the endless list can only get worse. It has been revealed that a 19 year old girl has been helping University girls meet and even hook up with prominent politicians and businessmen in town.

On Monday, a young lass named Soila Cole appeared on Citizen TV’s Monday Special Edition where she got interviewed by Janet Mbugua only to explain herself as a student cum party girl who only ekes cash from attending major events.

Well, days after the interview, an interesting revelation has come from two girls who were out to tell the bare truth of the kind of a business that the campus lass runs. Mailing blogger Cabu Gah, they wrote that Miss Soila pimps her colleagues to local wealthy men and even the filthy rich foreign dignitaries. To camouflage her trade, she has formed a dance group known as Soila Kittens, through which she undertakes her business in clubs and parties.

Cabu Gah contacted the girl and this is how their conversation went.

Soila Cole 1
Soila Cole 2
Soila Cole 3
Soila Cole 4