You may or may not have fallen victim to these kind of thugs. They are a menace in the city and their operating bases are usually bus stops.

The pickpockets are sleek and it has been alleged that they work in cahoots with some of the matatu drivers and conductors.

One of the most notorious spots for these thugs is at the Kenyatta National Hospital bus stop. One social media user took it upon herself to expose some of them on Facebook.

She wrote: ALERT! This are some of the pickpockets terrorizing Nbi,pic captured at Kenyatta Hospital stage,watch out and lets spread the pics until they are captured.

pick pockets1

pick pockets2

Via Kilimani Mums Marketplace

More social media users reacted to the post with experiences ot=f their own.

Mary Gichangi They were also on Ngong Rd last week at that stage near shell petrol station after day star university, they asked the conductor “bado unakuanga na utiaji” then he nodded his head and we drove off, he explained to us that those are young guys smartly dressed who are robbing guys in the mathree’s.
They were allowed in the next bus which means they work together with some conductors…be careful guys

Kathure Emm They say “wako janta”..they are dangerous guys

Joyce Kanguru I have seen them also n when they realize you know them n you alert other people they beat you up so oooooo pliz be careful… N they are four of them smartly dressed with empty bags or big envelops

Janice Atieno kwanza the one in kofia anakaa wa kunyonga vibaya….waaa

Sir-Bonface Kenyatta i saw them along naivasha road on a weekend in a matatu i was sure they work with conductors

Tina Royal Prince Naivasha road hapo near triton is a bad spot.This dude looks like some guy.Not sure if its him who was nearly beaten to a pulp coz of a phonebut he had clearly already given it to someone else.That was I think in jan or dec

Nancy Wali Mwacharo These guys are allover Satellite and Dagoretti corner so unfortunate.I one got into Kawagware mat from Corner and they boarded but I knew them so my stuff was safe on the window side.Mmoja came to me from behind nimeangusha doo yangu I told them I know them and I know what they are upto.On hearing this they became furious and almost wanted to beat me up.All this time driver and conductor pretended to be busy yet I was the seat behind the driver.Its a collusion of many people but am glad I alerted other passenger so if the spread the word they will have to potea to other stages or look for other crimes.

Mukami Mukami With the very high circulation this photo has done,The risk the person took to take their photos,What have the police done so far!!Hii Kenya yetu nkt!!

Eve Jedy They also carry envelopes nd newspaper

Juma Bakari Kamenge they always have bags, envelop or newspaper, either they tell you they have dropped some cash or “there is an operation, funga setbelt.”and when you try to get that seatbelt its thrown behind your seat so you cant reach it.police need to work on these.nairobi is not safe they get caught but we still see them back

Dennis Chemberlon They are all over especialy areas of Imara daima stage and kobil,Which makes me think its no longer safe estate as it used to be.

Juma Bakari Kamenge true even in westlands.these star buses and stage