ku71Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Olive Mugenda this morning confirmed to students assembled at the Amphitheater that US President Barack Obama will indeed visit the institution on Sunday, but will not be holding a public lecture at the institution.


Notice inviting KU students to today’s meeting (Via @IsaacGachin)

Prof. Mugenda said that KU grounds will be used as Obama’s ‘landing pad’, on his way to Kasarani Stadium. Apparently, he will take ‘Marine One’ from town to KU where ‘The Beast’ will be waiting, then take the road to Kasarani. That perhaps explains why the V-22 Ospreys and ‘Marine One’ also landed at UoN Graduation Square yesterday. Since he’ll most likely be staying at Villa Rosa Kempinski, the Graduation Square is probably the nearest level ground that can accommodate the choppers.

It is curious why the Secret Service chose to fly instead of taking the 15 minutes drive, but perhaps they determined there are so many risks along the highway, including many incomplete multi-storey houses which can be good hideouts for would be snipers.

Prof. Mugenda further revealed that 95 students have been selected to attend the Kasarani Speech.

But it will not be a sneak in sneak out affair for Obama at KU. Reportedly, he’ll officially open Young African Leaders Initiative Network (YALI) Headquarters at Chandaria Innovation Centre as well as hold meetings with select civil society members there.