ali kib1Tanzanian Bongo star, Ali Kiba has denied claims that he is in a romantic relationship with Jokate Mwegelo.

Rumors about a possible romance started when photos of the star kissing the popular Television star went viral. Ali Kiba now claims that Jokate, who is also Diamond Platnumz’ former lover, is but a close friend.

“Jokate is just one of my best friends. We have nothing going on between us,” he told Word Is.

When probed further, he added, “Like I’ve just told you, Jokate is my best friend and I believe it’s simply natural for friends to show affection for one other. I chose to show my affection to her through a kiss. Or are friends not supposed to kiss? Can’t you kiss your friend?”

ali kib

Ali Kiba is making a swift comeback into the industry after a 2 year hiatus where he welcomed his third child. He spoke about parenting saying:

“I learnt a lot about parenting during my break from music but I am back in the business. I was also doing research on how to better my music as a product and I am confident that people will enjoy what I have to offer.” 

The singer is among the artistes participating at the pan-African TV music show Coke Studio 3 currently being recorded in Nairobi. He has been paired with the sassy Chocolate City’s Victoria Kimani to record mash-ups.