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Part I

We know there’s a lot of Kenyans who are not on Twitter. I personally know people who opened an account after succumbing to pressure, but left after a day or two.

For some reason, they assume the concept of @ and # is difficult to comprehend. Others were just too bored of waiting for that follower count to grow and left.

For that reason, we like informing you of what’s happening on those streets.

This week, there has been a trending story involving one actress/social media queen Shee Waruinge. She was the 2010 Safaricom Faceoff’s “Queen of Facebook”.  On Monday she revealed her tribulations in the hands of a ‘love con’ – a man who defrauded her Sh15,000 pretending he was desperate for school fees money.

“Days turned into weeks, months as I continued to be coaxed by his charm and sleek tongue,” she tweeted. “Then one day we decided to meet for drinks since I only knew him through twitter… He looked okay to me… But I realized something. He was shy and quiet in person. Unlike him on twitter all rowdy & loud etc.”

The second date was at KFC on Kimathi Street where he dropped the bombshell: “He told me he had a school fees balance of 48,700 Kshs and wanted me to help him with that amount. *faints*”

She offered him Sh15,000 and promised to find the rest soon. At that time she claims she was working at Serena with a monthly salary of Sh35,000.

“Anyway,,, So i hustled for the remaining cash. I hosted karaoke night for two nights, I club hosted at Tribeka then earned the balance,” she tweeted.

She then called him to come collect the balance in town, but he instead asked her to go to his place in Kahawa Sukari. Shiro excitedly got on the next matatu and soon they were together “drinking fanta, watching movies on his laptop, and then kissing.”

Being the ‘gentleman’ that he was, the guy asked Shiro what she would eat, and the reply was pork. He dashed out and returned a few minutes later with the pork and some Kibao vodka. However, when he went to the shop, he forgot to carry his phone.

Naturally, Shee decided to snoop:

“I saw an interesting thread from a female famous tweep in MKU. What I read broke my heart into tiny bits, *puts hands on head*. This chick let’s call her “Jane doe” was John does girlfriend.She needed money cause she was moving out as she had gotten a job at KCB,” she adds.

“So this f***** wanted me to give him cash to help his dark skinned fat ass girlfriend move out??!! Oh you messed with the wrong butch boo.”

The guy begged a crying shee not to expose him on Twitter, but here we are. Shee says that she was so mad and confused that she ended up in Kiamumbi after boarding the wrong matatu.

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