The following are the stories making headlines all over the world.

Woman celebrates new breasts after having her 30lb implants removed
The fake revenge stunt that fooled nearly everyone – BBC News

Cristiano Ronaldo and his son show off their skills on the beach
Incredible footage taken by Tunisian hotel worker as he CHASES gunman

This British Lad Is The World’s Strongest Disabled Man – UNILAD
Taylor Swift and Emma Watson had a magical meet-up in London

PAGES FROM MY DIARY. LAURA AKUNGA – Top 40 under 40 woman in Kenya
Wimbledon 2015: Novak Djokovic denies ‘cheating’ claims –

Kim Jong Un EXECUTES new airport architect – because he didn’t like the design
Caitlyn Jenner wears top and skirt at Gay Pride Parade in NYC

‘Top Gear’ fans react to the final Jeremy Clarkson episode
Young Lad Born With No Nose, Eyes Or Upper Jaw Has Life-Changing Surgery | The LAD Bible

Diddy falls during epic Bad Boy anniversary medley at BET Awards
PHOTOS – Nairobi Lady Gifts Husband Sh10 Million Toyota Land Cruiser on His Birthday

RAO welcomes President Uhuru to Kisumu – Raila Odinga
Messi targeted by dangerous green laser pen during Argentina win

Facebook Launches ‘Celebrate Pride’ Tool Which Puts A Rainbow Filter Over Profile Pictures
This Gorilla Is So Handsome, Women Are Flocking To The Zoo To See Him

This Custom Batmobile Trike Motorcycle Is The Absolute Definition of
The biggest difference between Google and Facebook – explained by someone who has worked at both

Is this video of ‘frankenstein meat’ enough to turn you vegetarian?
The new craze for torching banknotes – BBC News

Here’s how the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ are spending their summer
Paralysed Man Walks Again Thanks To Amazing Robotic Suit – UNILAD

ITV Planning To Run New Jeremy Clarkson Show Directly Against Chris Evans’ Top Gear | The LAD Bible
James Taylor No. 1 on Billboard Charts for First Time in 45-Year Career

Disney confirms selfie stick ban at theme parks – BBC News
Rihanna Duct-Taped Floyd Mayweather’s Mouth Shut At The BET Awards

After eight years in slavery, a bittersweet homecoming –
A Boyfriend Impersonated His Girlfriend For 2 Weeks After He Murdered Her