talliaIt leaves a bad taste in the mouth that in this day and age, a full grown ass woman could resort to cyber bullying. The latest case of cyberbullying to surface has been directed towards sultry radio presenter Tallia Oyando.

Yesterday, the Homeboyz radio presenter exposed a lady who left her a message calling her all sorts of unsavory names for having a nose ring. The lady by the name Vidah Oluoch went as far as alluding that Tallia looks like a ‘pornstar’ and a ‘corksucker.’

A thick-skinned Tallia however took the high road and responded in epic style. She revealed how she was subjected to bullying throughout her high school life and had developed a thick skin as a result.

This was the lady’s post:


Tallia wrote: “So my whole high school life was all about bullying thats all i went through every single day in every high school i went to. I had moments i wanted to just give up on life and theres a time i dropped out of school for a bit because i just couldnt take it. I have since grown a thick skin and when i see posts like this in my inbox it makes me sad. Not because i am broken but because all i can do for this girl is prayer for her.”