raoIn the ongoing saga between the opposition and Devolution CS Anne Waiguru over National Youth Service money, we’ve seen several demonstrations by both side.

On Monday, a group in support of Waiguru demonstrated in town over a story linking the CS to the Sh800 million corruption scandal. Later at night, an anti-Waiguru demo was held in Kibera, where some of NYS’s projects were destroyed and burnt.

The story has now shifted to a Raila-Waiguru saga, and one man speaking to the media yesterday made it clear they’ll not sit down and watch as ‘Baba’ is being insulted.


He said that whoever wants to go to Kibera and help the people is welcome, but has to fulfill 3 conditions: Ask for forgiveness, kneel down and proclaim Raila as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The guy served us his madness pure. He did not even wrap it.