nigelThis is not the best news for Kenya’s tourism.

Most of our foreign tourists come from the United Kingdom, and anytime their country issues a travel advisory against us, our tourism sector suffers.

However, it is the latest move by the leader of UK Independence Party Nigel Farage that may have devastating effects. In a heavily publicized column on one of UK’s biggest newspapers – Mail on Sunday, Nigel reveals that he was considering coming to Kenya this summer for some deep sea fishing, but now believes it’s not safe.

“I was considering going to Kenya this summer as a keen deep-sea angler but have taken the view that it is just not safe. I suspect tens of thousands of other British citizens will now be reviewing their travel plans for the summer as well.” he writes.

This is as a result of Friday’s attack in Tunisia that left at least 38 tourists dead, most of them Britons.

He goes on and on about the security situation in the UK.. “Decisions such as this are easy. But what is more worrying is the threat which in some cases is already on our shores and, if we are not careful, will be added to by the human tide that is coming across the Mediterranean.” 

On Daily Mail’s website, the article has nearly 4000 comments and has been shared 32,000 times. It was also picked up by major news outlets in the UK, and its reach is easily in the millions.

Coupled that with the fact that Nigel is a respectable figure, this may probably the worst news for our tourism industry in recent months.

Hoteliers and the government will be hoping Nigel is not influential enough to trigger cancellations and reduced figures, but that, we’ll have to wait and see.

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