What did you get on your last birthday?

One lady in Nairobi has redefined love, romance and birthday gifting. She has literally re-written the rule book for Kenyan ladies.

Laura Akunga on Saturday surprised her husband Mark with a new Toyota Land cruiser that can cost upwards of Sh10 million. She presented the gift wrapped in a red ribbon and some black and red balloons. It was during Mark’s 30th birthday and family and friends were present.

Mark was visibly overwhelmed when his wife gave her the car keys.

On Facebook, Laura posted the images accompanied by this caption.

To The Most Amazing 30 Year Old I Know, My Husband, My Best Friend, My Ride Or Die, Number One In My Life. Here’s To Another Happy 30 Plus Years Full of Fond Memories With Our Families And Friends. Here’s To Wives Spoiling Their Husbands Because They Deserve The Very Best And They Are Truly The Better Side Of Us. At Least For Me, He Brings Out The BEST In Me. He Is Literally My Better Half. Happy 30th Birthday Babe.

They arrived in style






Here’s a photo from their wedding day


Ladies, the bar has been raised. Give us a call when you match that, but remember, you don’t get Sh10 million to spare by lazing around waiting for your husbands to provide, or worse, waking up to a new ceiling every Sunday. You have to actually work hard for it.

Laura is the group CEO of Benchmark Solutions, a multinational in about 9 countries offering specialized marketing and financial services.

She was featured on NTV’s Women and Power last year.