wright47 year old IT consultant Gabriel Nderitu, or Kenya’s ‘Wright brother’ once again failed to make his ‘aircraft’ fly last week.

He has made 12 unsuccessful attempts, and he was hoping he had found the right formula on his 13th try.

In full glare of the cameras and with an anxious crowd watching, Nderitu unleashed his machine which predictably came crashing down.

Watch the video:

The Citizen TV reporter said that it was airborne for a few ‘glorious’ seconds. Unless we’re watching a different plane, that piece of junk never left the ground.

From the little physics I think I know, this plane does not meet some very important conditions, key among them Speed. Lift is achieved as air passes faster and faster over an aircraft’s wings (Bernoulli Principle). Large aircrafts need long runways to reach the minimum speed required to achieve lift, and I may be wrong, but I don’t think Nderitu’s ‘runway’ was not long enough.

wright1Mr. Nderitu

Of course other factors come into play. For instance, the pilot needs to manipulate the panels on the tail, and the nose of the plane to achieve a stronger lift so that the plane can leave the ground.

When I look at Nderitu’s plane, all I see is some pieces of fixed metal attached at the back. I’m not sure he understands that the tail panels are not decorations but critical parts in control.

With an obviously inferior engine, the rough surface is also not helping in pushing the plane forward.

His target is to make a two seater fixed-wing aircraft by 2017.

I’m sure many of us will congratulate him for trying and tell him ‘never give up’, but I like telling it as it is. Nderitu is wasting his time. What he’s attempting to do was accomplished in 1903 by Orville and Wilbur Wright. They were able to defy gravity for over 1 minute by making an engine with enough power to cancel out the weight, and obviously paying attention to their physics teacher.

There’s a video of that moment they changed humanity.

100 years after invetion, on your 13th try and you still fail to copy paste how it’s done; what are you doing? You must be special breed of stupid.

Let me tell you this for free. Even if you somehow make it fly, no one’s flying in that thing. No one will trust it to keep them on air.

Nderitu’s attempts make me wonder. Are Africans intellectually inferior. Why don’t we invent things. Why don’t we create new things? I’d love to hear of some hardware technology that originates in Africa. Something that will move humanity to the next phase. Something ‘motor vehicle’ big, or ‘radio’ big, or better still, ‘cancer treatment’ big.

What Nderitu is doing is similar to searching for a smallpox vaccine. Only worse because the disease was eradicated in 1980, while the airplane was invented in 1903.

For goodness sake, it’s 2015 we have drones going for as cheap as Sh20,000.

On a normal day, I’d let Nderitu be and keep my opinion to myself. But I was alerted to some online comments on the same. This story was apparently picked up by big websites, and everyone is making fun of Kenyans and Africans now.

Please Mr. Nderitu, stop making the rest of us look bad.

On Worldstarhiphop.com, the video has close to half a million views.


And here are some comments:

Reservoir Dog  – America had the Wright brothers, Africa has the Wrong brother

Reservoir Dog  – That nigga could have gotten more air if he hit that ramp with a bike.

Jr  – Dumb ass idiots! He could have probably got the shit airborne had it not been for the stupid ramp they decided to put at the end of the run way smdh.. All that work for nothing to get destoyed by a ramp… Bunch of fuckin jackasses….

indi haze  – so thats where all the foreign food aid money is going…

Ray Cissum  – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Monkeysapiens trying to ape human inventions! Priceless yet bound to fail every time.

BootyHunta – is that a 2-stroke engine my nigga? shit ain’t going nowhere

Somebody tell this nigga planes were invented already

MR804cloth – His own people laughing and trolling him. Lol Bruh give it up

Ninjawarrior  – The Wright Brothers did this Shit 200 years ago idiot

Fritoguy  – U can’t fly away from aids bro…

I’M THAT NIGHGHA  – Just because it looks like a plane doesn’t mean it is a plane nighgha!

Twenny Wan – What year is it over there, 1903?

isisbaby3  – Soon as I read “Kenyan Man” I knew this shit would be funny

Guru Juju  – wtf a paper plane can go further than that.

UK’s Daily Mail also carried the story.


And the comments below… most of them sarcastic.

(This one caught my attention: “Literally and figuratively these guys are backward by a 100 years.” )

I would say today’s not the right day to launch a defence.