mejja1Hailing from Majengo Nyeri, Mejja came to Nairobi and conquered the airwaves with his unique style of music. One of his ever greatest hits was ‘Niko Poa(Barua),’  a song in the form of a letter addressed to his brother and his folks in Majengo.

What you did not know about his brother is that he too was a rapper. He also inspired Mejja to become the hit maker he is now.

Through social media, he finally introduced his brother and mother, both of whom are his rock.

He posted: Mcm My Bro He Inspired Me To Rap, I Used To Imitate Him Rap, His Flow Everything!!!! Walikuwa Na Group Inaitwa Ghettoh Clan Wakienda Show I Used To Follow Them, I Remember I Was Amazed By His Stage Command, Every Skill I Have I Owe It To Him, I Have To Drag Him In The Studio Tufanye Kitu Pamoja Juu Ataki Soon!!!! My Mum Also She Is My Rock