Cyprian Nyakundi, Bob Collymore, Safaricom
Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi seems to have rubbed Safaricom the wrong way as he got himself slapped with a court summon after the telecommunication company sued him over what they have termed as defamation. Safaricom argues that the controversial blogger has been publishing false and unsupported accusations against the firm.

Mr. Nyakundi has been writing a series of articles calling Safaricom a fraudulent firm that indirectly makes lots of money from its subscribers through non-existent subscriptions. More also, from one of the many posts on his site, Cyprian also claims that the firm has fired some of its employees for falling ill.

Well, the embattled blogger has now been given 15 days to appear in court and defend himself against the charges pressed against him. Below are some of the reactions from KOT after getting wind of news that their favorite blogger was in the jaws of law.