njorogeEveryone was thinking it but only Makau Mutua had the guts to mention it. Did the marital status of Central Bank of Kenya Governor nominee Dr. Patrick Njoroge come up because the MPs thought he was gay?

Dr. Njoroge admitted that he was single, saying that he was “single by choice”; a short, clever answer that brought to a halt what was potentially a long line of related questions. Our MPs are known to dwell on non-issues, and in this particular case, I’d be curious to know how they thought his marital status would strengthen the Shilling.

On Twitter, Standard columnist Prof. Makau Mutua (himself accused of being gay, most recently by David Matsanga last night) stated it as it is; what really motivated that line of questioning.


This is not the first time sexuality has come up during a high profile vetting. Chief Justice Willy Mutunga was forced to explain his studs before getting approved.

Perhaps the vetting role should be taken away from parliament, since they are mostly biased, interested parties, or simply don’t know what they should be looking for.

But to clear up the air, there’s a perfect explanation as to why Dr. Njoroge is single at 54. According to Nairobi News, he is a staunch member of Opus Dei; an institution of the Roman Catholic that has strong beliefs on marriage.

It is described as the most controversial force within the Catholic church.

Apparently, the new CBK governor is the brother to Opus Dei bishop Anthony Muheria – a close friend of President Kibaki who is the current Kitui bishop and was at one point appointed by Kibaki to be a member of the Judicial Service Commision.

Still on Dr. Njoroge, here’s how Kenyans reacted to the whole saga.