jeffJeff Koinange hosted South African illusionist Larry Soffer on the bench last night, and Kenyans are still talking about it.

Larry performed various tricks, among them bending spoons and a 1 Shilling coin. He also correctly ‘guessed’ Jeff Koinange’s thoughts, among them numbers and the name of his son.

It was totally amazing, and some guys on Twitter were quick to call him illuminati, witch doctor and similar names. Others thought he actually has ‘powers’.

I don’t want to spoil the party, but the only powers Larry Soffer has is an incredibly fast and sharp memory, very good analytical skills, huge ‘database’ of human predictive behavior and knows his way with words when directing or misdirecting you to where he wants you to go.

You however have to give it to him since very few mentalists in the world do it so flawlessly.

The mind reading part is quite explainable, but I’d like to know how he pulls off the spoon bending.

Anyway, if you missed the show, sit back because Ooh My, Wamae.

The show is in three parts.