espnJimmy Kimmel Live did a parody documentary of Kenyan runners last week. Comedian Anthony Anderson starred as the ‘World’s Slowest Kenyan’ Mzuzi Timato – a fictional character.

‘Mzuzi’ narrates his journey to stardom, saying how he comes from a family of great runners. Apparently, his mother won 8 marathons, one of which she was pregnant.


I don’t want to give more spoilers, but I should warn you to expect a lot of South African influence in this video. The Americans just can’t get African accents rights, and even the name ‘Mzuzi’ sounds like it’s from the south. Heck, even the background music.

But at least they got a Kenyan name for his coach.



You have to watch till the end. Mzuzi won the 2014 Los Angeles marathon… or did he?