eko dyddaGospel rapper Eko Dydda has voiced his opinion on the ongoing wrangle between disc jockeys and artistes.

The one time gospel heavy hitter took to social media last week Friday to shame djs who are against playing local music. The bone of contention arose with the directive by PRISK and KAMP  that DJs were required to pay a fee to play Kenyan music. The Dj’s have since threatened to stop playing Kenyan music.

This is what Eko Dydda had to say:

SHAME ON THE Djs who don’t play local music, if u are in a boat and u are trying to sink it because u don’t agree with others in the same boat u must be crazy to think u will get out alive . And by the way KENYANS LOVE KENYAN MUSIC AND ARTISTS SO MUCH u can tell from the way fans respond during those shows that bring foreign artists so STOP DECEIVING US. The biggest problem in this industry is that most Djs are competing with artists instead of complementing artists. TO prove this most of them have even tried singing and failed vibaya sana,they keep saying negative things about local artists only to try doing music and do worse than they thought, truth is that most of these Djs were once artists but never made it to the limelight through music so they carry the hate of a failed artist to the industry when they come in as Djs, instead of appreciating those that made it through the storm and try to make it easier for those who are upcoming artists like they once were most of them even charge the same upcoming artists who don’t have anything hata fare yakukuja interview na huyo ni Dj ako on salary. How many times do they play foreign music and how many times do they get foreign shows compared to local shows, do the math, I agree with whoever said mcheza kwao hutuzwa, I wonder if they get the same appreciation and love from the foreign crowds as they do in Kenya. It’s only a mad person that talks bad about his house and praises the neighbour’s house even if the neighbour doesn’t LOVE him. How can you be in the same team and instead of playing to score the opponents you are busy telling the opponents how much u love them and even scoring for them , look at what happened to Nigeria during world cup, their goalkeeper kept appreciating MESSI before he realised it they were out of the world cup, isn’t that the same thing most of our own Djs keep doing, you keep saying the local artists are not dope while the local artists u have in your playlist are those that pay u even if they are not talented. How do u expect to win against big opponents when they bring their best players while u keep coming with fake players who don’t even know the name of the game they are playing