Last week all we could hear about is the marriage proposal Lonina Leteipan gave his girlfriend Sharon Mundia. It was awesome and we all thought it was the best thing ever.

The bar was raised for men and I’m sure a few marriage proposals had to be postponed to cool things off.

If you thought This is Ess’s proposal had raised the bar enough, check this one out.

A guy decided to propose on the sandy beaches of Diani, in the middle of an adrenaline filled sky dive. Of course for you to pull this off, you’ll first need to have some skydiving skills, and then teach your girlfriend, and then hire guys to write the words on the sand, plus of course the Sh30,000 you pay for the skydive.. Not forgetting the extra Sh7000 if you want it filmed.

… And you ask why some men choose to never to marry.