Success is one of the things that are earned over time. It takes a never-giving-up attitude and lots of relentless trials to make it to the very top of society. Such is the case for Barack Obama, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

These three leaders have really come from far into the positions that they now are in. It all started back in the day when they had no money with only determination fueling them to success. Below are some throwback photos before money and fame came through for them.

Obama and Michele.

Barack and Michelle Obama 5
Barack and Michelle Obama 4
Barack and Michelle Obama 3
Barack and Michelle Obama 2
Barack and Michelle Obama 1

Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta.

Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta 1
Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta 2
Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta 3
Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta 4Ruto and Rachel

William and Rachel Ruto

Humble beginnings make great endings. Here is how the three leaders currently look like.

Obama Michelle 2015

Ruto Rachel 2015

Uhuru Margaret 2015