Hapa Kule News Cast

KTN’s comedy program dubbed Hapa Kule News that airs every Tuesday, has fired almost all its cast except Fred Omondi, Abel Mutua and Njugush. The rest of the supporting cast has been dropped by Protel Productions, after their talks to get their pay increased turned out to be the root of their dismissal.

Further revelations have it that the fired cast was  underpaid as they only pocketed Ksh. 2,000/- for every episode shot, a figure that translates to Ksh. 8,000/- a month. Anyway, after learning of what had befallen his favorite actors, Bony Khalwale decided to come up with a hashtag (#OkoaHapaKuleNews) in a bid to get justice for them.

Here is a compilation of KOT’s reactions.