nakLast week, some Kenyans on Twitter revealed how Nakumatt has been deceiving buyers by putting lower prices on the tills, but charging more at the cashier.

We picked up the story yesterday and soon the hashtag #NakumattonTrial was trending number 1 in Kenya.

The retail giant was forced to release a statement and we have it below.

#NakumattOnTrial ~ We’ve noted the concern generated on social media platforms, relating to alleged price discrepancies on our shelves and tills. We’re therefore inclined to clarify and reassure you that;
1. The alleged price discrepancies are undergoing internal review to ascertain the circumstances that could have led to the slow updating of shelf price stickers. Our preliminary investigations and internal audit confirm that the discrepancies are isolated and inadvertent. Immediate corrective measures have also been instituted to ensure and guarantee our system integrity particularly on this pricing concerns.

2. We continue to maintain a One-Price Policy, across all our Kenya branches. All price changes, are centrally managed from our Nairobi headquarters and any discrepancies on the shelf can only be attributed to slow sticker changes at the branch level. All price changes, are dictated by corresponding price change advisories, dictated by respective suppliers.

3. We are taking the necessary action to ensure that all stickers are updated as soon as any price changes are announced. We shall also be introducing digital price checker kiosks on all aisles, to assist our customers confirm product pricing by simply scanning the product barcodes.

4. The Management is sincerely concerned at the number of complaints shared on social media. We would wish to remedy the concerns raised by requesting any aggrieved shopper to lodge their complaint via the email address [email protected] for us to commence immediate investigations. Please, indicate the respective branch where you may have shopped with a brief description of your complaint.

At all times, our shoppers are encouraged to lodge their complaints with the Duty Manager at our respective branches to enable us maintain high standards of service. Your feedback, by all means remains invaluable as we strive to guarantee you a superior shopping experience.
We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Yours sincerely,

Atul Shah,
Managing Director