railaYesterday, The Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) wrote a lengthy open letter to CORD leader Raila Odinga.

Titled, ‘Mr Odinga Should Stand With People Against Terrorism, Not The Other Other Way Round’, the letter exposes the flaws in Raila’s thinking on the proposed Security Bill.

Authored by 8 senior directors in PSCU, the letter states that Raila is not interested in seeing the government succeed. It rubbishes claims that civil rights will be taken away, saying that they’ll even be more respected.

“He claims that the right to assemble, demonstrate, picket and present petitions has been taken away. In fact, the Bill proposes to make these rights easier and more convenient to exercise in accordance with advanced democratic practice. Government wants Kenyans to be safe when exercising their rights, and not to inconvenience others who also have rights through obstruction, nuisance or rioting.” 

To add some humour to a rather serious matter, PSCU offererd to donate 3 English dictionaries to Raila Odinga, ODM and CORD, ‘in the spirit of Christmas’. In their understanding, the words  ‘Gory’, ‘obscene’ and ‘offensive’ have really confused the former premier.

Here’s an excerpt.

At this point, we observe that Mr. Odinga’s advisors have utterly abandoned him to grapple with simple terms which have confused him. In the spirit of Christmas, the PSCU has resolved to donate 3 English dictionaries to Mr Odinga,ODM and CORD respectively. ‘Gory’, ‘obscene’ and ‘offensive’ are not new words. They have always been part of English vocabulary and they speak to community standards of what is dignified, decent and acceptable. We have faith that come the new year, the Opposition will be able to engage in coherent and relevant discourse on matters of national interest.