matsangaBlogger Robert Alai and Ugandan David Matsanga have never seen eye to eye.

They’re always on opposite side of issues, and it often gets personal. Alai once produced some audio clip of Matsanga and some other guys promising to kill him. There was no much follow up to that though.

On Sunday, Matsanga called Alai a ‘Facebook terrorist’ after he revealed the numbers of senior government officials, including the President’s and his deputy’s.

Here’s what he wrote on Facebook.

Robert Alai is “keyboard and face book terrorist ” who must be brought to justice .

Is this man Alai normal man or there is a big problem here , displaying numbers of senior people without the permission of the owners is very serious breach of security . This must not left unsolved , there are government officials who deal with such cases of emergency. Alai should not reduce the office holders of the Presidency into a mockery school where he insults them day in day out . Some misguided element whose body mass carries garbage and nill brains . Kenyans must stand up and defend their presidency and fight such malcontents who walk with Vernon of cobras and out to demean the President and yet few years ago in 2008 wanted him dead in ICC jail. The same Alai were in bed with Raila calling for these guys to be jailed .Come on people let us rise and kick the Alai’s of this caliber out from a good face book discussions . I am touched .

Followed by this post.

I want to thank Alai Robert Onyango for accepting me as a friend so that we discuss maturely on facebook and twitter. I will educate Alai and train him to be responsible person so that he respects elders. Surely our followers should not fight but reason with their brains. I defeated ICC and I will defeat any blogger who wants a silly fight. I respect Hon. Raila Odinga since 1982 coup when most of you were not born. So stop insulting me . Even Raila Odinga fled thrtough Uganda . Helived in Uganda. Why silly xenophobia ? Why Alai ?