Xtreem Teeniez Awards 2014
Just like they did last year, the organizers of Xtreem Teeniez Awards are about to reward artistes for the lengths and efforts they have gone to produce their songs. Before the awarding ceremony goes down, it is good to know who and who is on the nomination list so that fans can find fun in voting their favorite stars.

Here is a list of all the nominees of this years awarding ceremony and their voting codes. Cast the vote to whosoever you need to accredit the win

Teeniz Male Artist of the Year
1. Bahati (AA1)
2. Eko Dyda (AA2)
3. L. J Maasai (AA3)
4. Mwenye Haki (AA4)
5. Pitson (AA5)
6. Willy Paul (AA6)

Teeniz Female Artist of the Year
1. Evelyn Wanjiru (AB1)
2. Grace Mwai (AB2)
3. Jackie Kotira (AB3)
4. Lady Bee (AB4)
5. Ruth Matete (AB5)
6. Size 8 (AB6)
7. Janet Otieno (AB7)

Teeniz Group of the Year
1. Camp David (AC1)
2. Recapp (AC2)
3. Soc (AC3)
4. The T412 (AC4)
5. Tpk sons (AC5)
6. 24 Elders (AC6)
7. Innocent Persons (AC7)
8. PID (AC 8)

Teeniz Band of the Year
1. Gravity (AD1)
2. Gospel Kings (AD2)
3. Kalesa (AD3)
4. Kijani Kibichi (AD4)
5. Samawati (AD5)
6. Yunasi (AD6)
7. H_Art the Band (AD7)

Teeniz Dance Crew of the Year
1. All Stars (AE1)
2. Alterqueens (AE2)
3. Amazing Dance Crew (AE3)
4. Flamerz (AE4)
5. Genje Danc e Crew (AE5)
6. The Band (AE6)
7. Confidence All Stars (AE7)

To vote for your favorite artiste, sms their respective code to 20977