This past weekend saw KTN air an exclusive exposé of Kisii witches by Ian Wafula leaving many people thrown in an awe and confusion after the reporter dug deep into the old age practice to give detailed information as well demystify some mysterious myths. However, with many people rating the piece as a good one, others were out to make as many memes as possible.

Here is a compilation of hilarious, ridiculous and funny tweets from one of the most discussed topic on twitter on Saturday.

WitcHunters 1
WitcHunters 2
WitcHunters 3
WitcHunters 4
WitcHunters 5
WitcHunters 6
WitcHunters 7
WitcHunters 8
WitcHunters 9
WitcHunters 10
WitcHunters 11
WitcHunters 12
WitcHunters 13
WitcHunters 14
WitcHunters 15