Caroline Mutoko has revealed 5 interesting things that you probably did not know about.

The former radio queen quit radio sometime back after a hugely successful 14 years. Being a household name and one of the most influential personalities in the country, you would be forgiven to think you know everything about her.

In her Youtube channel, which she uses to give her opinion on what’s trending Carol revealed the five things a lot of people do not know about.

  1. She does not have an appendix. She is long sighted in one eye and her right leg is bigger than her left one.
  2. Her second name is Ndinda
  3. Her first job after high school was as a messenger and her first stint on radio was at KBC English
  4. In primary and high school she used to be called a ‘Walalo’ because of being light skinned and skinny
  5. She is a light weight at alcohol and two glasses of wine are enough to get her dancing on tables.

Here is that video.