naiIn August this year, Discovery Channel’s reality show ‘Don’t Drive Here’, featured Nairobi traffic. The show travels to different cities around the world known to have crazy traffic and Nairobi definitely fits the bill.

Host Andrew Younghusband goes to different streets in the city, experiencing first hand the gridlock Nairobi is known for. He also talks to top traffic cops.


In the show, Andrew also interviews a man who owns a carjacking school –  didn’t know that existed in Kenya.

He says that he started the school after he was carjacked and did everything wrong. According to him, his clients include people from the UN, NGO’s, multinational companies, British Army, FBI, CIA etc.

He takes the host through some small training


Here’s the video from that scene.

And below is a short highlight from the show.

Now for the must watch… the entire 45 minutes of the show. The intro itself tells you the surprise of the host and his crew. “I sure hope you don’t think the streets were just made for vehicles, because we’re in a city where every single day, millions of people legally Jaywalk…”

Watch the video.