Just when we thought the drama surrounding Pastor Kanyari was over, it has now taken a new twist involving Nairobi senator Mike Sonko.

The self proclaimed prophet has sensationally claimed that he was conned by Mike Sonko a whooping amount of Kshs 500,000. The controversial Nairobi senator however denies the allegations asking Kanyari to produce the evidence.

“I know him and a lot of other bishops but I have never done business with anyone of them. If Kanyari says I conned him, let him come forward with evidence,” he said.

Kanyari narrated the saga saying,

“He told me a prominent family was looking for someone to pray for them at a cost of Sh24 million.”

“True to Sonko’s word, the following day, I received a call and a meeting was set up. I was in town along Tom Mboya and within 30 minutes, a Land Rover came for me. I parked my car and got into a GK Land Rover driven by a man in military uniform. But instead of heading to the venue in Muthaiga, we drove toward Muthaiga,” he added.

“But soon after we were instructed to first go to Sonko’s KICC offices, where he insisted on getting his cut upfront. In the meanwhile, I was getting numerous calls from people claiming they were anxiously waiting for me,” Kanyari said, adding that, “I offered him my car as collateral, but he refused. So, I went to town and raised Sh500,000 from friends. After receiving the cash, Sonko told me to wait in the Land Rover at the parking lot.”

Speaking to The Nairobian, he says he did not find the Land Rover and upon going to Sonko’s office he was barred by security.

“I was conned, but I take full responsibility for being gullible,” he said. “Anyway, I have forgiven and forgotten the incident. Sonko and I are now friends but I am very careful around him. Sh500,000 is a lot of money my brother.”