kingwa (1)Madam president is back again and this time she is not drooling over Kenyatta National Hospital doctors.

The former presidential aspirant has made a name for herself for posting controversial Facebook updates and she is not about to stop.

On Wednesday, she wrote about how men who smell are sexy especially the men whose armpits, mouths and feet give off pungent odours. She went on to invite applications for potential Mr Kingwa Kamencu and the requirements are simple.

Here they are.

Men who smell, are sexy. Those whose feet, mouths and armpits give off pungent odours are particularly alluring. The ones who don’t shower for days on end, especially if they jog daily in the mornings or evenings, are the true epitome of manhood, they would be the ones my mother would advice me to marry.

It being the end of the year, we once more open the application process for a husband, the lucky man of whom will become Mr Kingwa Kamencu.

The requirement this year round is simple. Simply inbox me with a clear description of how smelly you are, how you acquired the smell, and how long you have been that way. Applicants will be allowed to boast about their expertise in smellyness, citing examples of how many people they have caused to faint, collapse or die, as a result of their odour. The panel shall then review applications on this basis.