churchillChurchill Show has established itself as probably Kenya’s most popular TV show. October data from Geopoll revealed that the show attracts about 2 million viewers each week.

This is more than any other show on Kenyan TV.

The numbers may be good and NTV very happy, but it was not always like this.

A few years ago, Daniel Ndambuki was not even an A-list comedian. He made occasional appearances on comedy show Red Korna, but was honestly never the reason anyone watched the show.

He was a lot like the Dr Ofweneke of Red Korna.

Here’s an old clip of his most memorable episode.

When he started Churchill Live, the reception was not immediately great. It picked up with time and continues to attract large audiences.

Initially, recording was not even at Carnivore but at some theatre.

Watch the video and appreciate how far he has come.