nannyThe internet has been left in shock after a video of a housemaid in Uganda beating, or rather torturing a 2 year old toddler went viral.

The maid was seemingly not aware of a secret nanny cam in the house.

In the video, Jolly Tumuhirwe, the 22-year-old housemaid in Naalya in Kiwatule suburb, heavily slaps the child twice for ‘refusing to eat’. Some minutes later, the child throws up and thats when all hell breaks loose.

The maid throws her heartlessly on the floor before hitting her repeatedly with a hard object. She’s then seen kicking the child’s ribs and face with her legs, and then standing on the young girl’s back several times as she moaned in pain.

girlThe young girl in the video (left)

Reportedly, the housemaid had only worked for 26 days. She’s set to appear for a second court hearing on December 8.

The small girl is meanwhile recovering. “We took her to the hospital for medical checkup and she is ok. We will be returning to the hospital next week,” the girl’s mother said.

Watch the disturbing Video on YouTube.

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