on2It seems Robert Alai is making too much enemies these days.. Not that his ‘extreme stupidity’ has just been discovered, but because on some days he goes too far. Yesterday was one of those days.

On Monday, we published the video of Embassava touts stripping a woman naked along Nairobi’s Accra Road. We did not anticipate the interest it would generate. It has been a trending issue on Twitter for the past few days, and yesterday Alai added his voice.

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Remember this is the same guy who once advocated for the raping of Kileleshwa ladies so that they wake up to insecurity.

Kiss Fm radio presenter Adelle Onyango was not very pleased with those statements. She tweeted, “My God! Robert Alai has lost it – this man has NO respect for women NONE!”  before starting a campaign to have Alai’s Twitter account suspended.


Alai’s reply came almost instantly.



Upon getting wind of that, Adelle took to Instagram where she gave this ‘statement’.

This was sent to me and my first reaction was laughter. Yes my late mother inspired me by her belief that silence in the face of injustice is as good as upholding that injustice. Also I knooooow #TeamADELLE is made up of young guys aki NEVER be silent even when people speak ill of you! Always always ALWAYS be a voice of change and a voice for the voiceless. #AspireToInspire