Up and coming female rapper Noti Flow on Wednesday blasted popular blogger Cabu Gah for alleged dirty dealings. The femcee who has two videos out to her name posted on the blogger’s facebook page the accusations in what looks like a deal gone wrong.

The ‘You Said’ singer used quite the scathing words to put her point across telling Cabu Gah to stop being such a pussy. From what we gather, Noti flow is angry that Cabu Gah has failed to honour their contract that involves thousands of shillings.

Cabu Gah on the other hand accuses Noti Flow of having diva demands and even calling her a bitter forgetful prick.

The drama also saw Cabu Gah’s facebook page go missing for a while but we managed to get the exchanges. Check it out

Noti flow1

And this was Cabu Gah’s responsenoti flow2

Minutes later Cabu Gah facebook page could not be found (It’s now back up)

noti flow3