Kenya’s number one hype man DNG has come to the defence of Dj Pinye who has been accused of failing to support local artistes.

The renowned dj came under fire from Sadat Muhindi, founder of Maliza Umaskini and also the manager of Papa Dennis for declining to play the gospel artist’s single Injili.

According to an article by Mzuqa, Sadat is quoted saying,  “DJ Pinye can’t purport to speak for the people when he says that the video isn’t liked by the audience yet the same people are the ones who have watched the video to over 170,000 hits on YouTube,” adding “It’s so ironical of him to say that the song isn’t fit for “The Beat” yet NTV Uganda plays the video on “The Beat” in Uganda”

“Pinye should support upcoming artistes since he’s been in the industry for long and if he says he supports upcoming artistes I wonder how. Papa’s kind of music is different and that’s why his music is being acknowledged across the continent and so it’s so ironical that one person is becoming a stumbling block to the development of the music industry.” he claimed.

However, DNG caught wind of the debacle and felt the need to address it. He posted,