One of the best modern day showbiz entertainers in the country is Phelix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalang’o. Jalang’o is a jack of all trades..he is a radio presenter, a stand up comedian, an actor, a tv host, an emcee, and a businessman.

Now one of the most sought after entertainers Jalango’s success speaks for itself. However, behind every successful story there is an inspiration or a role model. For Jalang’o that hero was Vioja Mahakamani veteran actor Ondiek Nyuka Quarter.

He celebrated him on social media with a post that would make Ondiek a very proud man.

He posted,

I grew up looking up to this guy…This amazing man…my hero…I wished I would be like him….He gave me the passion…In his on way he mentored me without him knowing… I met him @OndiekNyukaQuater Yes Ondiek Nyuka a quarter. … #MylocalHero don’t look for hero’s far….They are here!!! MAD RESPECT ONDIEK

 Jalang'o Photo 2