With the acts if inhumanity being done to their fellow women, Avril and Xtatic had to come out to rebuke the outrageous occurrence that has bedeviled some men. In a Facebook post on her Facebook page, Avril expressed her disappointment in Kenyan men while Xtatic put up Tupac’s photo with a quote full of praise for women.

Here is how the two female artistes

I am in utter disgusted at the brink of tears after watching two videos of two very young ladies being stripped naked in the middle of town in broad daylight…..I cannot believe that in 2014 a group of men can be so idle and so sexually starved that they will leave their houses and actually go strip naked a woman because of wearing tights jeans. I am at a loss of words. Ni nyege ama ni nini? Jioni ako huko anajibeat cause of what he did during the day. Nkt. Kumvua mwanamke nguo inakuongezea chakula mezani? Inakupelekea watoto shule? So annoyed…and these are fully grown men!!!!! Baba ya mtu mahali!! Bwana ya mtu mahali!!!! Kuna vitu nataka kusema worse than I’ve said but won’t lest I say some very uncouth things mscheeeeeeeeeeew. Yes I said nyege and kujibeat on a post…NKT!!!


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