Former Teen Republic host, Anita Nderu is without a doubt an eye candy besides her obvious talent.

The radio presenter at Capital FM last week took to facebook to celebrate her mother, from whom she got all the beauty and brains. She posted a glowing tribute to her on Thursday as she turned 51.

She posted,

Dear Mum,

Happy Birthday! Happy we are that we have had you for another year.

Blessed we are that we were raised by a woman with such strong principles, discipline and courage.

You were right! Your three favourite words that we often repeat because you were and many times we wish we had listened.
Happy we are that despite our mistakes your heart has been forgiving ten fold.

Forever grateful we are that you raised us so selflessly, God bless you!

You insisted and still do that we should be independent hard working individuals, we’re trying mummy seems to be working out great so far.

Humble you have always taught us to be but speak your mind you said if it is just stand your ground and we do you would be proud!

My best friend you have become, we call each other and talk about anything and everything who knew there would be days like these? And mum I really love it!

You’re were and still are the most hilarious woman I know! Your stories crack me and my friends up, may God multiply your laughter for all the joy you bring!

Best of all you taught us that Love is a beautiful thing, and even when it hurts never stop loving, love until the day you die because anger will only give you wrinkles(and yes now I know how expensive anti-wrinkle cream is). The love you show dad daily is by far the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen

And finally what should have been first you constantly remind us to stay close to God because he will be there irregardless, thank you because since we went back to being prayerful our lives have been blessed. And THANK YOU for your prayers!

You have celebrated all our victories like they were your own so today we celebrate you and your fabulousness! I could type all night about you! We love you mum! I love you mum! May God see you through many more years! Happy Birthday to a great woman! Happy Birthday Josephine Hassan Nderu