China and India make up over a third of the world’s population.

These are two countries with more than a billion people each. Both countries are economic heavyweights in their own way, but of course China is way ahead.

However, due to the history between Kenya and India, starting with the construction of our first railway line, Indians have dominated our country more than the Chinese. Many big businesses in the country are owned by people of Indian descent.

The Chinese are coming in, but it appears they’re starting where Indians started 100 years ago.

The big Chinese roads and rail companies operating in the country have hired many of their nationals. Most of these are not well up, and after job completion, they end up remaining in the country doing odd jobs. From Mlolongo to Mombasa, they’re hawking everything and even roasting maize.

It does not stop there. They’ve now started learning Swahili as seen in this video recorded in Mombasa.