Dancehall artiste Redsan has been in the news since the weekend when he was arrested on suspicion of being a terrorist. Police say that together with his colleagues, the singer refused to stop for a police check at the Nairobi International Trade Fair on Friday night. Apparently, one of those on board the car also had a pistol.

They were tracked down throughout Nairobi before the Anti Terrorism Police Unit caught up with them hours later along Uhuru Highway. They spent the night and better part of Saturday at Kilimani Police Station.

Now speaking of Redsan, do you remember that time when he was probably the biggest artist in Kenya? Of course anyone under 18 may find this hard to believe. One of his  greatest hits remains ‘CHICKEN’ or rather ‘Who is a Chicken Now’. It was a club banger not only big in Kenya but the whole continent, and thats probably the origin of his reported big performance fees.

Watch it below.

Bonus: Here are a few of his other big hits over the years.



Wanipa Raha


Shika Glasi








Yule Pale


Badder Than Most