fergusonHe may be the most famous football manager (former) in the world, but it seems everyone else in his family can walk around unrecognized.

Most celebrities in the world bring the spotlight to the rest of their families, but the former Manchester United manager is different.

In an extensive interview with MUTV, Sir Alex was asked how it felt to be a grandfather to 11. He in the process revealed that one of his grandchildren is teacher right here in Kenya. Here’s how it went.

MUTV: How much pleasure does it give Sir Alex Ferguson to be a grandfather to 11?

Sir Alex: One of my grandsons came up to the Ryder Cup and on the way back we stopped off to see one of them who’s at a school up in the North. It was his 15th birthday. They’re all doing well. Two of them are at university and one’s teaching in Kenya. As they grow older, they’ve all got their own challenges. One thing we’re really proud of is they’ve all got good manners which is important.

Who could have guessed that this legend has a Kenyan connection. If you happen to know which school, share the info with us.