Fast rising female rapper, Sosuun is madly in love with her rapper husband Kenrazy.

Sosuun, the self proclaimed ‘Ghipuka’ diva took to facebook to declare her undying love to her ‘Ghipuka’ king Kenrazy on his birthday on Monday. For those of you not in the know, Ghipuka is a genre of music invented by Kenrazy and comprises of Genge, hip hop and kapuka.

Both are flying high with their latest releases Sosuun’s Hitsong and Kenrazy’s Mbilikimo Mkora. The are also flying high romantically if the post by Sosuun is anything to go by.

One special person in my life,my best friend,my soulmate,my love,my all ,always my baiby..Words cant fully express how i adore u,age is a blessing that not all get to experience every year and for that i cant thank God enough for giving u another addition of it,may every bit of your wish come true, happy birthday my love…Shine baiby shiiiine like a star u are…happy happy happy birthday booboo!!!

Here are photos

ken r 1

ken r 2

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