Even a rapper as hardcore as Tupac had a soft spot for his mum and even went as far as recording a hit song for her. Closer home Octopizzo may not be releasing a hit just yet but he has paid tribute to his late mum.

He posted on Instagram the role his mum played and how he wishes she was still around but Octo being Octo reckons he has to man up.

“and my #wcw of all years, heaven and back goes to the person i owe everything i have and wish to have, the most gorgeous human that am proud to be part of, my mum, i miss you so much, how i wish sometime you’ll be here to help with this family stuff that sometimes i can’t figure out. 
but i guess the short time i was with you you taught me enough considering who i am today, so the rest i’ll have to man up and figure it out. i love you for ever #rip

He also shared a photo of her and the resemblance to the rapper is striking. Check her out